Property Tax Consultants

Military Service Members, Veterans, and Spouses - For more information about obtaining a TDLR license or renewing a TDLR license that expired while serving on active duty, please go to the Military Outreach home page.

A Property Tax Consultant prepares tax renditions and reports for someone who is protesting their taxes. Property Tax Consultants also consult or advise others regarding protests or renditions. For more information about the property tax consultants program, see the Frequently Asked Questions page or e-mail TDLR at

TDLR and PSI are searching for willing applicants to serve as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for the Property Tax Consultant industry. PSI is the current vendor which is under contract to develop and administer examinations for TDLR. SMEs are responsible for the review and evaluation of all Property Tax Consultant exam content, questions and exam reference lists. If you are interested in applying you should have a broad-based knowledge of the technical aspects of the profession and a familiarity with current techniques, standards and materials.

If you would like to be considered as a SME, please complete this Application for the Texas Property Tax Consultant Exam Development Committee (36kb PDF). Attendance will be required at the upcoming meeting which will take place in Fall 2017. Successful applicants must be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement regarding exam content. The positions of Subject Matter Experts are voluntary and all applications are reviewed by the Education and Examination Division. These are not paid positions. All applications must be received by June 30, 2017. TDLR and the citizens of the State of Texas would like to thank you for considering this opportunity for service.

Vacancies on Property Tax Consultants Advisory Council - TDLR announces two vacancies on the Property Tax Consultants Advisory Council (Council) established by Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 1152. The pertinent rules may be found in 16 Texas Administrative Code ยง66.65. The purpose of the Property Tax Consultants Advisory Council is to advise the Texas Commission of Licensing and Regulation (Commission) on standards of practice, conduct, and ethics for registrants; setting fees; examination contents and standards of performance for senior property tax consultants; recognition of continuing education programs and courses for registrants; and establishing educational requirements for initial applicants.

The Council is composed of seven members appointed by the presiding officer of the Commission, with the Commission's approval. The Council consists of six registered property tax consultants and one public member. Each person appointed for membership on the council must: be a registered senior property tax consultant; a member of a nonprofit, voluntary trade association that has a membership primarily composed of individuals who perform property tax consulting services in this state or who engage in property tax management in this state for other persons, has written experience and examination requirements for membership, and subscribes to a code of professional conduct or ethics; a resident of this state for the five years preceding the date of the appointment; and have performed or supervised the performance of property tax consulting services as the individual's primary occupation continuously for the five years preceding the date of the appointment. Members serve staggered three-year terms. This announcement is for two registered property tax consultants.

Interested persons should complete an application on the TDLR website. Applicants can also request an application by telephone (800-803-9202), fax (512-475-2874) or e-mail (