85th Legislature Information

This page provides a list of bills related to TDLR and its programs which were filed by the 85th Texas Legislature and remain under consideration. Clicking on the bill number will open a Texas Legislature Online page detailing the history of actions taken on the legislation as well as the text of the bill.

More information on the legislative process and how a bill becomes law is available at the Texas Legislature web site.

Last Updated: Thursday, May 25, 2017

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

  • HB 3029 by Frullo / Whitmire ACR - Air conditioning and refrigeration contracting and the education and certification of air conditioning and refrigeration technicians. Passed Senate 5/24/17.

Architectural Barriers

  • HB 1463 by Smithee / Seliger EAB - Procedures for asserting claims under the Americans with Disabilities Act; providing a civil penalty. Passed Senate 5/19/17.
  • SB 1049 by Uresti / Klick EAB - Safety requirements of assisted living facilities. Sent to Governor 5/11/17.

Barbering and Cosmetology

  • HB 2304 by Guillen / Schwertner COS - The hours of instruction provided in barbering and cosmetology schools Passed Senate 5/23/17.
  • HB 2738 by Hernandez / Taylor, Larry BAR/COS - The hours of instruction provided in barbering and cosmetology schools (BAR/COS credit hours). Passed Senate 5/24/17.
  • HB 2739 by Hernandez / Zaffirini BAR/COS - Regulation of barber schools, private beauty culture schools, and other facilities used to teach or perform the practice of barbering or cosmetology (BAR/COS specialty schools). Passed Senate 5/24/17.
  • SB 1088 by Schwertner / Goldman COS - Cosmetology licensing and sanitation requirements. Returned to Local & Consent Calendars Comm. 5/24/17.
  • SB 1502 by Zaffirini / Kuempel BAR/COS - The regulation of barbering and cosmetology (threading) Sent to Governor 5/23/17.
  • SB 1503 by Zaffirini / Goldman BAR/COS - Abolishing shampoo apprentice permits and shampoo specialty certificates. House Passed 5/19/17.
  • SB 2065 by Hancock / Kuempel BAR/COS - The licensing and regulation of certain occupations and activities. House Passed 5/23/17.

Boiler Safety

  • HB 3257 by Paddie / Hancock BLR - The regulation and inspection of boilers. Reported enrolled 5/23/17.

Driver Education & Safety

  • HB 516 by Israel / Hinojosa DES - Requirement that drivers younger than a certain age complete and pass a driver education course. Passed Senate 5/17/17.
  • HB 912 by Romero / Taylor, Van DES - Relating to the licensing and regulation of providers of driver and traffic safety education. Passed Senate 5/23/17.
  • HB 1372 by Koop / Hughes DES - Information included in the curriculum of each driver education course and driving safety course. Passed Senate 5/25/17.
  • HB 3337 by Bonnen, Dennis DES - The eligibility of certain persons to teach a driver education course. Removed from local & uncontested calendar 5/24/17.
  • SB 30 by West / Thompson, Senfronia DES - Inclusion of instruction regarding interaction with peace officers in the required curriculum for certain public school students and in driver education courses and to civilian interaction training for peace officers. Passed House 5/20/17.
  • SB 848 by Huffines / Romero DES - Requirements for a driver education course provider or instructor. Passed House 5/24/17.
  • SB 1051 by Watson / Dutton DES - The accommodation of a deaf or hard of hearing student in driver education; authorizing a fee. Passed House 5/19/17.


  • HB 1886 by Miller / Uresti DYS - Dyslexia screening and testing, the employment of dyslexia specialists by regional education service centers, and the development by the Texas Education Agency of a list of training opportunities for educators regarding dyslexia. Passed Senate 5/24/17.


  • HB 1284 by Thompson, Senfronia / Garcia ELC - Licensing and regulation of a journeyman lineman. Passed Senate 5/23/17.
  • HB 1698 by Kuempel / Estes ELC - Licensing and regulation of a journeyman industrial electrician. Passed Senate 5/24/17.

For-Profit Legal Service Contracts

  • HB 2113 by Goldman / Zaffirini - LSC The regulation of certain companies that provide for-profit legal service contracts.
  • SB 2065 by Hancock / Kuempel - LSC The licensing and regulation of certain occupations and activities.

Health Professions (General)

  • HB 4007 by Kuempel / Zaffirini MID, SPA, HFD, DYS, ATH, MAS, OPS, DTN, CEO, SAN, MLD - The licensing and regulation of health-related occupations transferred to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation Passed House 5/24/17.
  • SB 1107 by Schwertner / Price Health Professions - Telemedicine and telehealth services. Sent to the Governor 5/19/2017.

Hearing Instrument Fitters & Dispensers

  • HB 490 by Anderson, Rodney HFD - Health benefit plan coverage of hearing aids and cochlear implants for certain individuals. Passed Senate 5/22/17.
  • HB 1543 by Burkett / Watson HFD - Access to records that pertain to the testing for, and fitting and dispensing of, hearing instruments. Passed Senate 5/24/17.

Massage Therapists

  • HB 240 by Hernandez / Huffman MAS - Evidence in a suit to abate certain common nuisances. Passed Senate 5/24/17.
  • HB 2552 by Thompson, Senfronia / Huffman MAS - Prostitution and trafficking of persons and to certain criminal and civil consequences of that conduct. House appoints conferees 5/24/17.


  • HB 2886 by Klick / Burton MID - Limiting the liability of certain healthcare providers. Passed Senate 5/24/17.

Service Contract Providers

  • HB 2275 by Paddie / Hughes SCP - The regulation of a service contract. Passed Senate 5/24/17.
  • SB 1199 by Campbell / Minjarez SCP - Service contract providers. Sent to the Governor 5/23/17.

Temporary Common Worker Providers

  • SB 2065 by Hancock / Kuempel - TCW The licensing and regulation of certain occupations and activities.

Towing, Booting & VSF

  • HB 1247 by Pickett / Nichols TOW/VSF - Notice provided to vehicle owners and lienholders by operators of vehicle storage facilities. Passed Senate 5/24/17.
  • HB 2615 by Goldman / Hancock TOW/VSF - Licensing of towing operators and vehicle storage facility employees by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. Sent to Governor 5/22/17.
  • SB 1501 by Zaffirini / Kuempel TOW/BOOT - The regulation of motor vehicle towing, booting, and storage and to the elimination of required state licensing for vehicle booting companies and operators. Passed House 5/20/17.
  • SB 2065 by Hancock / Kuempel TOW/BOOT - The licensing and regulation of certain occupations and activities. Passed House 5/23/17.

Vehicle Protection Product Warrantors

  • SB 2065 by Hancock / Kuempel - VPP The licensing and regulation of certain occupations and activities.

Water Well Drillers

  • HB 3025 by King, Tracy O. WWD - Open, uncovered, abandoned, or deteriorated wells. Passed Senate 5/24/17.
  • SB 2068 by Buckingham WWD - The plugging or capping of abandoned, deteriorated, open, or uncovered water wells in the Bandera County River Authority and Groundwater District. Passed House 5/24/17.

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