Water Well Drillers and Pump Installers

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A Water Well Driller drills, bores, cores, or constructs a water well. It includes an owner, an operator, a contractor, and a drilling supervisor. A Pump Installer installs or repairs well pumps and equipment. For more information about the Water Well Drillers and Pump Installers program, e-mail TDLR at water.well@tdlr.texas.gov.

Abandoned and/or Deteriorated Wells

Abandoned and/or deteriorated wells not only serve as conduits or channels for contamination to reach groundwater, but these wells can also be a hazard to human and animal life.

(1) "Abandoned well" means a well that is not in use. A well is considered to be in use if:

(A) the well is not a deteriorated well and contains the casing, pump, and pump column in good condition;

(B) the well is not a deteriorated well and has been capped;

(C) the water from the well has been put to an authorized beneficial use, as defined by the Water Code;

(D) the well is used in the normal course and scope and with the intensity and frequency of other similar users in the general community; or

(E) the owner is participating in the Conservation Reserve Program authorized by Sections 1231-1236, Food Security Act of 1985 (16 U.S.C. Sections 3831-3836), or a similar governmental program.

(2) "Deteriorated well" means a well that, because of its condition, will cause or is likely to cause pollution of any water in this state, including groundwater.

Efforts to Address Abandoned and Deteriorated Water Wells in Texas

More information about abandoned or deteriorated wells is available on the Frequently Asked Questions page. For more information about the Abandoned Well Notification Program, e-mail TDLR at abandoned.well@tdlr.texas.gov.

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News and Updates

Justification for Adoption of Administrative Rules

The Texas Commission of Licensing and Regulation adopted amendments to existing rule regarding the Water Well Drillers and Pump Installers program (16 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 76, §§76.10, 76.62, 76.70, 76.72, 76.100, 76.101, 76.105, 76.107, and 76.111).

The adoption justification may be viewed on TDLR’s web site and the adopted rule chapter will be made available upon its effective date of April 1, 2018.

Private Wells Under Flood Waters

If you own a private water well and the well was under flood waters, you may want to have the well tested or disinfected. Download the Well Disinfection Guide (PDF)

Changes to Texas Statutes

House Bill 930, passed during the 84th Legislative Session, affects the Water Well Driller and Pump Installer programs regulated through Chapters 1901 and 1902, Occupations Code. The changes to these statutes became effective on September 1, 2015. The most substantial change made by HB 930 is that it authorizes the Commission to establish an Apprentice Driller and Installer program by rule. In addition, the bill amended the law to allow drillers to submit well logs electronically to the required agencies. Throughout the summer and fall, the Department will be in the process of implementing these changes into its rules, forms, enforcement process and frequently asked questions. Any proposed rule changes will be discussed with the Advisory Board and published for public comment. Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) page for more information.

1. What is a Well Driller/Pump Installer Apprentice?
An apprentice is an individual registered by the Department to act or offer to act as a driller or installer under the supervision of, and pursuant to a training program developed by the supervising licensed driller or pump installer.

2. When will TDLR begin accepting applications for the Apprentice Program?
TDLR will begin accepting applications May 2, 2016.

House Bill 930 passed by the 84th Texas Legislature, amended Texas Occupations Code, Chapters 1901 and 1902, relating to water well drillers and pump installers; authorizing fees. House Bill 104 and the changes to Chapters 1901 and 1902 became effective September 1, 2015. TDLR encourages all persons interested in the water well drillers and pump installers program to review the updated Occupations Code, Chapter 1901 and Chapter 1902.

Advisory Council Meetings

August 17, 2018 Summit

The Water Well Drillers Advisory Council held a summit on August 17, 2018 in Austin. The agenda is available online. The summit was archived and is available on TDLR's YouTube channel.

August 17, 2018 Meeting

The Water Well Drillers Advisory Council met August 17, 2018 in Austin. The agenda and the staff reports are available online. The meeting was archived and is available on TDLR's YouTube channel.